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About DreamHost

Firstly a little history about DreamHost. DreamHost was founded in April 1997 by four Computer Science undergraduates at hmc.edu in Claremont, California, they launched the company with little more than a single Pentium 100 web server and a T1 line supplied by a friend at no cost.

Today the company is now hosting some 950,000+ domains and are the leaders in shared web hosting.


In preparation for our Dreamhost review we created a new Dreamhost account as any customer would using their sign-up page, at no time did we notify Dreamhost of our intention to review their web hosting services which allowed us to get a genuine feel for their shared hosting services and how reliable it is and the ease of use. Thus far the reliability with Dreamhost has been excellent with site uptime extremely high, and page loading speed has always been nice and quick.

Plan Features and Pricing

Currently Dreamhost only offer a single shared hosting plan, when you look at the features offered there is little use for multiple plans when their single shared hosting plan covers just about anything one would need. There are no limits to bandwidth and disk usage, you can host as many domains and/or sub domains as you like as there are no limits to these either, as well as no limits on the quantity of email accounts, mysql databases, full shell users, ftp users, there really are no limits with Dreamhost.

To see the full list of features offered with Dreamhost's Shared Hosting plan visit this page.

Below is a summary of features included in the Dreamhost Shared Hosting plan. If you use the "WHA50" promo code, this provides a $50 discount and reduces the cost of your hosting to $69.40 ($5.78*/Month) for the first 12 months, this is unbeatable value.

Unlimited Disk Storage
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts (POP/IMAP)
Free Domain Name now with Free WHOIS Privacy
PHP 5 Support
Full CGI Support
Frontpage Extensions
Ruby On Rails
Unlimited Shell/FTP User Accounts
97 Day Money Back Guarantee


The DreamHost Promo Code & Sign Up

If you are currently considering purchasing hosting from DreamHost, as mentioned previously use the "WHA50" promo code, which will provide a $50 discount on Dreamhost's shared hosting plan, this service normally costs $119.40 per year, using the promo code reduces this cost to $69.40/year ($5.78*/month) which is amazing value..

"What is the DreamHost Promo Code?" I hear you ask, DreamHost give existing customers referral rewards when they refer a new customer to them, and also the new customer receives a $50 discount off their hosting using promo code promo code below.

How to use the Promo Code. To take advantage of the Dreamhost Promo Code, click here to visit DreamHost, on the sign-up page the code should be entered for you, if not enter the code "WHA50" at the bottom of the page as seen in the image below during the sign up process. The Promo Code will be applied to the final cost after clicking "Continue" which will show the $50 discount.

Dreamhost Promo Code $50 Discount

Control Panel

DreamHost are a little different when it comes to the user control panel, a lot of web hosts use CPanel for hosting management, but Dreamhost have created their own custom written control panel that is very friendly and easy to use. Even if you are new to hosting you will find the DreamHost control panel simple to use after becoming familiar with the layout, in our opinion it's usability is far better than cPanel in many ways.

For managing your hosting account, the Dreamhost control panel makes common tasks be performed easily with little complexity to baffle the new user, from registering domains, setting up hosting and email for your domains, managing billing for your Dreamhost account, installing commonly used software using their One-Click Install interface, it is all easy to do.

To upload files to your Dreamhost web hosting account there are two common ways of performing this task, you can upload files using FTP client software, or you can use Dreamhost's WebFTP service which is a web-based FTP client which works rather well, but it does have some limitations, for this reason we recommend you use a FTP client loaded on your computer to upload files, but the web-based FTP client is handy to use if you are away from your own computer.


Dreamhost's shared hosting plan supports the full range of server side scripting languages and programming tools one comes to expect from a host, including PHP5, Perl, Python, Full CGI access, Server Side Includes (SSI), Ruby on Rails, CVS Repository, Subversion Repository (SVN) and a full UNIX shell using SSH or Telnet on their shared hosting plan.

Also available is Dreamhost's 'One-Click Install' tool, this makes the installation of common popular scripts such as Wordpress, Gallery 2, Zen Cart, PhpGedView, OpenX, Pligg, dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, Web Calender, Advanced Poll and Trac. Some other hosts offer more applications using Fatastico but the most popular scripts are available to use, and of course if a script you wish to use is not part of the 'One-Click Install' tool you can install it manually.

Technical Support

Technical support is handled via support tickets in the control panel, while this is not as good as some hosts that offer phone support it is more than satisfactory for 99% of technical support requests. Our evaluation of Dreamhost's technical support was good, our support questions were replied to in a timely manner and their staff were always courteous and appeared to be up to par as far as their knowledge goes.

Other ways to obtain support are by using the Dreamhost maintained wiki, and also their customer support forum, these are both useful for answers to any common problems one might have with setting up their hosting on Dreamhost, and may nullify the need to lodge a support request.

Reliability and Speed

Dreamhost's reputation for reliability in the past has been tainted by the occasional outage that has left sites unavailable for hours at a time, but I am pleased to say that these issues have been rectified after Dreamhost performed a major revamp of their internal networks a year or so ago, since then their service has been nothing short of stellar with site down time almost nonexistent with our current statistics showing an uptime of 99.98% over the last year.

Credit should be given to Dreamhost for undergoing the massive effort of over hauling their networks, when the network upgrades occurred they notified their customers of the planned network outages and with some small downtime came long term gain, and while this was going on the company showed themselves to be completely transparent by explaining why the problems occurred, and how they intended to fix them, which in this day and age is a rarity, while most hosts would try to battle on saying there is nothing wrong, Dreamhost stepped up and took the criticism on the chin and got on with it, and now their service is much better for it.


On the whole, Dreamhost's shared web hosting plan is excellent value for money, giving the customer a service that is unlimited in almost every way, from unlimited bandwidth to unlimited disk space, their service should be up to handling almost all but the busiest web sites, with their service of great use to personal users wanting to host their own blog, up to a medium sized business wanting to run an online store, Dreamhost's shared hosting will have you covered.

If you decide to join Dreamhost, be sure to use the promo code "WHA50" to obtain your $50 discount on your first years hosting.

I hope you have found this review useful. If you feel DreamHost is not for you, please have a read of our other web host reviews.

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